‘The Romantic Soul’ is presented, a multi-sensory experience that starts this Friday

The new proposal for summer nights in Món Sant Benet will fill the Monastery with activity on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 July to 7 September.

The new activity proposal "The romantic soul of Món Sant Benet" was presented yesterday in Món Sant Benet, which will take place on Friday and Saturday evenings from July 12th to September 7th.

The new summer activity of Món Sant Benet: ‘The romantic soul of Món Sant Benet’ invites the visitor to rediscover the monastery with a new look. It's a music-based experience, but it's not a concert. It is a multi-sensory proposal with live music and light and video montages that poses a suggestive journey through German and English musical and artistic romanticism. "An opportunity to show the monastery from another perspective and promote its romantic vision," says Marga Viza, director of the Culture Department of Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation.

The proposed trip is the discovery of the romantic soul that survives in the monastery and can be experienced on Friday and Saturday nights at 10pm from July 12 to September 7. The proposal aims to recover the romantic essence that was breathed in the monastery, especially as a result of the family of Ramon Casas turning the old medieval monastery into their summer residence.

In 'The romantic soul of Món Sant Benet', the monastery will be filled with light and mystery, audiovisual projections, artistic images and poetic quotations, in a guided tour lasting an hour and a half through a dozen of moments that will pass in different spaces of the monastery. Thus, it will begin in the church and end in the apse after visiting virtually the entire monastery, including some of the modernist rooms such as the piano room.

"It will be a comprehensive art experience," said Eudald Tomasa, director of Personal Services TFCLP and one of the promoters of the proposal who noted that it is an activity for all audiences: "We want to attract a diverse audience with a sensitivity that wants to live a different experience.”

Music as a guiding thread
Music will be the great ally and the common thread of the proposal. A live trio of strings (cello, violin and viola) will perform compositions by English and German romantics in a magical setting, transporting us to the romantic essence of the monastery. Thus, Schubert, Schumann, Beethoven... will sound, revived by young performers trained at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, ESMUC.

The complicity of young talents is one of the strengths of the proposal which will have 6 performers and the musical advice of pianist Lluís Grané, former participant in the Musical Residencies program of  Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation and with a wide professional career in the world of the music. In fact, he is said to be among the promises of the current piano scene. "We have had the complicity of one of the leading specialists in romantic and modern music in our country," said Marga Viza.